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Why buy just one craft beer when you can buy a selection with our Mixed Beer Cases? As we all know the craft beer industry is on a boom. With independent beers by many breweries from across the globe making bespoke brews. Each creating incredible blends of beer styles using multiple hops and packed with flavour.

Above all at Beer Hunter our Sommelier’s have climbed The Rockies, traversed the slopes of the Alps. To even trudging the back streets of Manchester. Bringing you the best beer Mixed Beer Cases on offer.

In addition we pledge to bring you beers by many unique independent breweries only including the finest beers in our Mixed Beer Cases. Therefore these will even tantalise the taste buds of those well trained beer connoisseurs. As a result we have created an award winning range of independent Mixed Beer Cases which include beer by breweries such as Cloudwater Brew Co, Magic Rock Brewing, Schneider Weisse, Evil Twin Brewing & many many more. With over 350 beers (and growing) in our collection. We pledge to bring you the finest beers that microbreweries. To specialist brewers worldwide, have to offer.

Not to mention our range of local sourced independent beers will forever be continuing to grow meaning our Mixed Beer Cases will do as well. In other words we will begin to venture further and further across the world to find the perfect IPA, Bitter, Lager & Stouts.

In conclusion our aim as Beer Hunter is to bring you, the beer lovers, the finest beer by breweries known.

Above all we want to make your experience with Beer Hunter the best it can be. If you find yourself looking for a craft beer we do not stock let us know and we will try and source this for you.