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As far as breweries go, Orbit Beers is a pretty special one. It was founded by Robert Middleton, who jumped in his VW campervan with a clear goal in mind: to discover the world of beer in his native country, Scotland, where whisky is predominantly the “go-to” drink. After visiting every brewer he could find there, he decided to open one of his own…

In 2014, in Walworth, South London, Orbit Beers’ first batch of brilliance was born. Amazingly, each bold beverage they’ve created has been fermented here (and in the site next door) ever since!

All of the tasty tipples produced by this brand are crafted with care and skill. So, you hop heads can sip on these timeless pints safe in the knowledge that you’re enjoying a high-quality drink. 

Get your hands on a bottle of Peel – a hoppy Belgian pale ale, filled with hints of bubble gum and banana. What’s even cooler is, this brew is named after DJ legend, John Peel, as the company is entirely inspired by music!

Order a case of these brilliant beverages online, now, and slurp up a glass of the good stuff. You won’t regret it – we promise!