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Joseph Holt Brewery
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If you want to sip some seriously good English beer, look no further than Joseph Holt. The hop-tastic beverages this brewery creates are British through and through. After all, they’ve been perfecting their recipe since the 1800s!

Their story started when the founder, Joseph Holt, began fermenting bold beers close to his home in Unsworth, just north of Manchester. This brilliant brand has come on leaps and bounds over the years, developing a name for themselves while brewing, bottling and selling divine drinks to chug!

You can find the Joseph Holt brewery on Cheetham Hill Road in Manchester, where two master brewers perfect these iconic beverages on the daily. Each bottle is bursting with fine English malt, alongside lip-smacking lager hops.

Night owls need to taste Two Hoots. Or, to embrace some true northern pride, sample a refreshing pint of 1849. With a whole range of beverages to try, you can definitely discover your tipple of choice made by this exceptional brewery!

Order a case of these authentic brews online and get them delivered straight to your door.