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Wheat Beer
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As soon as it’s warm outside, all you want is an ice-cold brew to sip in the sunshine, and wheat beer is sure to cure your craving. Even in the colder months, this versatile beer will not disappoint. It really is an all-rounder!

If you’re unsure what this style entails, let us explain. This top-fermented beer originates from Bavaria in Germany and consists of 50 percent wheat, balanced out with just the right proportion of malt barley. This is where the sterling stuff differs from your average pint, which is usually packed with rye and other hop-heavy ingredients.

Treat your taste buds to a light, zippy and refreshing flavour sensation from brilliant brands like ERDINGER Weissbier and Schneider Weisse! You can also get your hands on gluten-free versions of this nifty brew-style, crafted by Green’s.

So, relish this decadent drink for yourself; order a pack online today and bust open a bottle at home.