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Japan’s national drink may be sake, but did you know that beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage consumed there? In fact, its microbreweries really are something special. So, if you’re a budding beer buff, you know where to head for your next adventure! In the meantime, you can go nuts for the stuff by sipping on one of these trusty tipples from your sofa.

If you’re a big fan of a refreshing and cool pint, Japanese beer will definitely do the trick. Opt for a hearty amber or a mild white ale (which is brewed with wheat malt). 

Meanwhile, explore authentic flavours brewed in Kounosu in Japan. Simply treat yourself to a case of Hitachino Nest Saison Du Japon, formed using local wheat and koji – a key ingredient used to produce sake. Then, chow down on a side of wasabi peas and transport your taste buds to this hop-heavy destination.

So, take a look around and find the perfect beer for you, at Beerhunter.