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Vedett beer is brewed at the Moortgat farm-brewery alongside other marvellous Belgian beverages, including Duvel and Maredsous. This family-run brewery has been around since 1871, so they’ve got a great deal of experience when it comes to creating delicious drinks!

This brand’s first brew was created by Albert Moortgat in 1945, and now they have a supreme selection of styles to suit every palate. Crack open a can of Vedett Extra Blond and savour its mighty malt. This smooth and full-bodied beer is sure to leave you wanting more (we promise). 

Don’t miss the chance to try Vedett Extra Ordinary IPA – which is definitely a suitable name for this extraordinary drink! Buy yourself a bottle to enjoy the hoppy aroma and bitter finish. Then, let the fruity and floral flavours leave a lasting taste on your tongue. Bliss. 

Get cracking and browse the many cans and cases online, to get outstanding tipples sent straight to your door!