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Looking for a knockout present? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution: a mini keg. 

These small but mighty beer products are ideal gifts for your pals, your family or your other half. You could even treat yourself to one and bring the pub to your back garden by inviting everyone over to guzzle it down with you!

Mini kegs contain five litres and will yield around eight and a half pints of your chosen beverage. So, those receiving one can savour each and every drop on a sunny day. 

Although the shelf life of this product can last up to several months, it’s best to check the label for an expiration date when it arrives. That way, whoever you send it to knows when the countdown begins…

These lifesavers are pretty easy and straightforward to use; your chums will be pulling pints in no time! There’s plenty of mini-kegs available, from the crisp notes of Früh Kölsch to the hoppy, citrusy flavour of Thornbridge Brewery’s Jaipur India Pale Ale. 

What are you waiting for? Pick your favourite now for your mates to slip or slurp away at home!