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How To Pair Food & Beer (Plus The Best Combos)

Beer’s love affair with crisps and nuts is over. Once destined for one another, the future of their relationship is in turmoil with new flavours on everyone’s lips. 

Herein lies the dilemma. We all deserve someone who will bring out the best in us. So, what sort of food does beer truly deserve to be paired with?

Hoppy beers with birds 

American Pale Ales (and Brown Ales) have, historically, been bold enough to stand alone, rather than alongside a particular dish. But in recent years, it’s strayed from single life – having found a food companion that counteracts its bouncy bitterness. 

Enter: game bird. The fatty texture of duck and quail confidently contrast the hoppy bitterness of ales, with the dark flavours complementing the roasted aromas in return. 

They always said there was someone out there for everyone. Try a Brixton Brewery Reliance Pale Ale with roasted quail and experience true chemistry. 

IPAs with spice

If you love a curry with a good kick, you need a drink that can wash away the spices without taking away the flavour. Most lagers simply swirl the seasoning, but Indian Pale Ales have the rich taste to supplement and soothe your taste buds even after an encounter with the hottest dishes on the menu. 

There’s enough bitterness in a good IPA to balance out the zest of oriental cuisine, offering a well-rounded, flavourful experience. 

Next time you cook (or order) yourself a spicy dish, sample a Camden Town Off Menu IPA alongside it and you won’t look back. 

Wheat beers with salads

While its appearance may be hazy, the flavour of Wheat beer is anything but. The colour of the brew can range from light yellows to deep oranges and notes of citrus make light meals the perfect pairing.  

The fruity taste of these beverages is what makes them such a fantastic side drink for salads and shellfish – adding weight and flavour to a healthy lunch. What’s more, it’s one of the easiest beers to brew at home. 

To make that Sunday afternoon salad in the sunshine even more refreshing, grab yourself a bottle of Schneider Weisse Tap 7

Porters with puddings

Porters are an acquired taste. Distinctive, robust and sophisticated, they’ve traditionally dominated taste buds when paired with food. Yet dessert dishes, with a thick, strong flavour, are key to keeping these drinks in check.

Chocolate puddings are perfect in this regard with the coffee-like flavour of a quality porter helping to wash away the dense, dark crumbs of cake and leave a warm sensation on the tongue. 

Next time you’re after something chocolatey, crack open a Orbit Beers Dead Wax London Porter and maximise the decadence. 

The Beer Hunter catalogue is bursting at the seams with flavourful pilsners, porters and ales, so whatever feast you’re whipping up, an impeccable accompaniment for your palate is ready and waiting. Browse by countrystyle or brewery today. 

Which Beer Drinker Are You?

Which Beer Drinker Are You?

We might all think we’re individuals, but when it comes to beer, we drink in tribes. We all know a beer snob, but it isn’t just us and them. There are many more beer drinkers lurking between the barstools. Which camp do you fall into?

A) The Snob

The snob is perhaps the most known of the beer drinkers. They come in all shapes and sizes and enjoy speaking at length with bartenders about how they and their siblings home brew in their spare time.

Order a Carlsberg and you’re going to hear about it for the rest of the night. They aren’t content until you knowhow much they know. They’ll justify their pretension by claiming to support the brewery – and criticise anyone in the group who cites price as a purchasing factor.

Sound like you? Ignore the uncultured and try our Alphabet Brewing Flat White Breakfast Stout. That’ll show the peasants who doubt you.

B) The Indie Lover

Unlike the Snob, the Indie Lover knows the name of the brewery that created their drink – and the artist who designed the can. Their knowledge is less arrogant and more celebratory – even if the beer tastes of swill, they’ll find something else to compliment.

They won’t criticise your mainstream selection, but they will ask you to try theirs in an effort to convert. Their downfall? It takes them ages to drink a pint. Every sip is savoured – to the point where you’re often two (maybe three?) pints ahead of them.

Your support makes the world of difference, you’re loyal and we can’t think of a better beverage for you than the Orbit Beers Peel Belgian Pale Ale.

Named for a DJ with one of the most eclectic musical palates in the game. A low strength beer in homage to his famous live studio recording sessions played out regularly on his radio show, and still enjoyed by BBC 6 Music listeners to this day. Deep golden in colour with notes of banana, clove, bubble gum, lime zest and black pepper. Sturdy bitterness with an effervescent body and dry finish. Pairs perfectly with spicy foods & fish dishes.

C) The Red Lion

Ah the Red Lion, or as they’re more affectionately known – The Local. These guys are reliable, drink the strongest drink on tap and rarely experiment. If you want a pint after work, chances are the Red Lion will already be there.

Tell them a craft beer was brewed locally and you might convince them, but they’ve no time for international nonsense. They’re creatures of habit and have no intention of changing. Don’t expect to see them at any beer festivals soon.

Everyone criticised you for your lack of adventure, but now it’s paid off – Hobrau Original German Helles is the layman’s strong beer and boy, you’ve earned it.

D) The Flavour Saviour

Uninterested in crystal malts or Amarillo hops? Avoid drinking with the Flavour Saviour. Their penchant for pints leads to very specific conversations. They’ll tell you the aroma of your IPA before it’s touched your lips…

They’ll make you feel better about your choice and their knowledge of the brewing process means that even the most uninspired choice of beer provides conversation.

Looking for a flavour that truly takes your breath away? You won’t know where to start with Beavertown Lupuloid IPA.

E) Beercules

What they may lack in taste they make up for in an ability to drink. These drinkers drink for one reason – to get drunk. Fun-loving and up for a laugh, they just want you and everyone else to enjoy themselves.

There is one downside and that is – without leadership, these booze hounds will take you to all sorts of sordid soirées and disreputable dives. Their insatiable appetite comes at a cost, and if you aren’t careful it’ll be you that pays the price.  

We know your game Beercules – for you we recommend Portobello Brewing Stiff Lip IPA and Godspeed.

A boozy IPA Brewed the West (Coast) Way. A double dose of late addition American hops help develop a bracing bitterness which has been known to stiffen the lip – pucker up!

Your local supermarket doesn’t know you like we do. At Beer Hunter we tailor our selection and deliver them right to your door. That being said, if you think you’ve got a better pairing with each personality, then we’d love to know.

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